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How To Use?

How to use?
  1. To enhance the effectiveness, take a warm shower or bath lasting more than 5 minutes, with a longer duration being preferable.
  2. Wet your glove, remove excess water by squeezing, and step away from the water source, ensuring your skin remains damp before beginning the scrubbing process.
  3. Employ long and firm strokes to scrub your body until you observe dead skin peeling off. Avoid using any soap or shower gel as the glove relies on friction.
  4. Rinse your body with warm water and moisturize using body oil.
  5. For optimal results, repeat this routine once a week.
  6. After each use, clean the glove by handwashing it with soap or shower gel, and allow it to air dry. For hygiene purposes, replace the glove every 2-3 months.

Additional Information:

  • Exercise caution and be gentle on sensitive areas, avoiding scrubbing over open cuts, sunburns, inflamed areas, and active acne.
  • Prior to shaving or waxing, use the glove.
  • It is normal to experience redness as the glove stimulates blood circulation.
  • Avoid excessive pressure or over-scrubbing in the same area.
  • The visibility of peeling varies based on your skin type and is not guaranteed. Remember that your skin is being exfoliated regardless of visible peeling. Dry skin tends to peel more than oily skin, and regular exfoliation reduces the visibility of peeling.